25.09.2018, 23:29 Uhr
Silberstreif Planungsgruppe: Architecture Art and Light

Architecture and light

Our services in the areas light planning and interior design, are for both for business and the public. As partners of architects and artists, our work emphasis is the sensitive creation of illumination for cultural buildings.

In this category we also include temporary light installations. In addition to this exciting dialogue between architecture and light, is the development of lamps, these aspects are joined by an aesthetic design philosophy.

Today, hardly anything is more important than the combination of efficiency and economy. With the help of a modern lighting control board, you are not only able to produce or change space, but you are also able to control subsequent expenses.

The technical innovations of the past few years allow so many more creative and saving potentials.

Our light planning services include:

  • vision/ perspectives for project development
  • conception and design
  • visualisation and presentation
  • performance planning
  • development of sample/ specific lighting
  • preparation of service records
  • supervision of installation
  • project related documentation

Again, the calculation basis for our planning efforts are orientated on the salaries categories set for architects and engineers in Germany (HOAI).

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